Mr. Li Tong Ren was born in 1941 into a family of 17 generations of medical professionals. Since young, he was exposed to both western and chinese medicine. Upon university graduation, he carried out in-depth research both in China and overseas, furthering the achievement in medical research work of his father and brother. He implemented the four guiding principles and that is, to” Purify, Fortify, Create Balance and Enhance Immunity.” These guiding principles have been adopted by organizations in Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries for nearly twenty years. Under these guiding principles, the Tong Ren 103 series of health products were developed and consumed by many.

In 1992, he received multiple invitations from friends in Singapore and Malaysia to register the “Tong Ren Medical Products Pte Ltd”; in year 2002, the name was changed to “Tong Ren International Trading Pte Ltd”. It’s been almost twenty years and even with minimal publicity, Tong Ren health products were successfully introduced into the lives of people from all walks of life. Tong Ren series of products has gained international repute. Some western doctors are starting to consume these products and recommend them to their patients.


The news of these wonderful products have spread around South East Asia, Europe, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. But what’s the driving force behind the spread of Tong Ren products? The answer is fairly simple. Its effects are simple amazing.


李统仁先生1941年出生在一个相传十七代的医学大家族里,自幼就深受中、西医文化的熏染和陶冶。大学毕业后,更加博览群书,远涉重洋,在继承父、兄医药成就的基础上,广收中、外诸家所长,形成独特的“健康长寿四字诀----清、补、调、抗”医治保健法则。这个法则,近20年来在新加坡、马来西亚等东南亚国家广为流传,并被不少医药保健机构所引用。而李先生在此法则下所研制的“统仁103”为代表的系列中药保健产品,更是被数万计的服用者,越传越神奇,神奇到令那些没有服用过的人,错以为是新篇神 话呢!

统仁先生从注册新加坡公司到他所研制的系列产品都以“统仁”冠名,并不是他自以为是。一向谦虚低调的他,这样做是对自己的做人和产品的自信,也是对公众的一种承诺。1992年,他受新加坡朋友的多次邀请,来新、马注册了“统仁药业有限公司”,2002年又更名为“统仁国际贸易有限公司”至今已近20年,甚少商业宣传,而是靠产品自己“说话”,一传十,十传百,口口相传。 运用这种传统落后的传播方式,竟然使统仁产品很快传到新加坡上、中、下各个阶层,连一些著名的西医也越来越多地主动服用并推荐。现在,已陆续传到了东南亚各国、欧洲、 美国、加拿大、澳洲、香港、台湾、 中国大陆等,这是一种什么力量在推动呢?